Gran Reserva

Varietal Composition: SECRET BLEND

Appellation – Origin: Itata Valley

Yield: 6 tons/ha

Terroir: Average temperature in January, February and March: 18°C, 17°C and 15oC.

Rainfall Jan-Apr, May-Aug, Sep-Dec: 111mm, 762mm and 232mm per square meter.

Soils origin from volcanic ashes (Trumao-black sand ) over glacial clay material.

With good drainage and profound. Not irrigation. Soils with high humidity.



Colour: Profound red color.

Nose: Plum notes, with spices and toasted wood. High fruitly and very complex.

Mouth: Soft and sweet tannins, blended with black and red plum. Juicy, with a bitter hint and Long finish



Serve T° 15oC – 18oC.



Alcohol: 13,5%

Total acidity: 3.04 g/L (H2SO4)

Volatile acidity 0,7 g/l

PH: 3,8

Residual sugar: 3,98 g/L.

Free Sulfates: 0,026 g/L

Total Sulfates: 0,101 g/L

Expire day: Without expiration date.

Ideal to consume: before 7 years from the vintage.